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Hackers!all Android phones under your control.



As per Bluebox Security research team – Bluebox Labs–the Android’s security model allows a hacker to inject his  malicious code into APK code without breaking an application’s cryptographic signature to turn any legitimate application into a Trojan.

The team continues that a  hacker can exploit the vulnerability for anything from data theft to creation of a mobile botnet.

Discrepancies :

as a Hacker how i can modify APK code without breaking the cryptographic signature?!!

conclusion:Android applications are not cryptographically verified.

The screenshot below demonstrates that Bluebox Security has been able to modify the BaseBand version (Screenshot ).

Screenshot of HTC Phone After Exploit



  1. 05/07/2013 at 8:30 am

    I have rooted my android phone….and i had tried some hack softwares…whatsapp toolbox was the best one…if u r a hacker so u can do what u want with android.

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