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Twitter users accused of anti-Semitism.


Bowed social networking “Twitter” of the judicial ruling issued by the French court, and authorities there have delivered data that reveal details of users accused of publish Tweets racism and anti-Semitism.

This comes after months of legal appeals called “Twitter” deliver Association of Jewish students in France UEJF and four other organizations for human rights, data users have to publish under the marking UnBonJuif # which is attacking the Jews, to comply with the network at the end of the court’s decision, to be controversy since October The second of last year 2012.

“Twitter” said, it will work hand in hand with the Association of Jewish students in France in order to combat racism and anti-Semitism, adding that it would take appropriate action to improve the system of notification to be more effective in order to remove the content is illegitimate or hate speech quickly, so when users report that .

It is noteworthy that “Twitter” in the past, working with foreign governments and comply with local laws, and have removed some of the tweets, which calls for anti-Semitism, but refused to violently what was done by the Jewish in France, accusing it of following the method of gradient rather than take the matter of international law course.

Source(s):The gate Arab source of technology news

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