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Whatsapp provides the property to start voice calls.

Windows Phone

WhatsApp inc has launched an update to the application Instant online “WhatsApp ” system “Windows Phone”, provides the property to start voice calls.

And allows the new version of the application, the two versions of “Windows Phone 8” and “Windows Phone 7.5,” the user to start voice calls through the application of the basic calls in his phone.

The new update fixes included notices problems in the previous version, as it became run the application after clicking on the new notices contained faster compared to quickly apply “Watts Up” to the Android system.

The application supports became music playing in the background while you work on it, the application also received new smiles for use in text messaging.

Will begin “WhatsApp ” As soon as the user updated on the smart phone, a request to allow save a backup copy of the recorded conversations, which allows the user to access them in the future from the application settings.

The new update can be downloaded to apply “Watts Up” cross-shop “Windows Phone”, as the size of the application about 6 MB.

The application of the “WhatsApp ” is one of the most prominent Instant Messaging applications on smart devices operating platforms, as the number of messages that are traded through the application daily to about 27 billion messages.

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