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Microsoft allow to the National Security Agency to spy on Skype


This includes eavesdropping on voice and video calls by users on Skype.

British newspaper The Guardian published a new secret document of  the U.S. National Security Agency documents  refers to Microsoft’s cooperation with the IAEA to provide a means enable the CIA to spy on Skype application including the possibility of eavesdropping on voice and video calls.

The document shows that the agency is able to monitor video calls in Skype starting from July 2012, as indicated by a paragraph which says: “The sound related parts of the chat sessions this has been properly addressed throughout this period, but without the accompanying video. Now, analysts will be able to get the ‘whole picture’. ”

Revealed another paragraph of the document on the existence of cooperation between the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where paragraph stated: “The results showed that the Skype calls that were collected were very clear and sounded its complete. It was a collaborative teamwork the key to a successful addition to another provider to the Prism system. ”

The Skype promoted in the past made ​​it impossible to spy on its service from any party whatsoever, because the service relies on an encrypted connection is between the parties to the conversation without interference from Skype, but Microsoft has after the acquisition of the company by changing the infrastructure and the replacement of the former regime, thousands of servers operated by Microsoft Corp., which face the service towards a more centralized system, which is believed to contribute to facilitate the process of government eavesdropping on conversations.

The newspapers, The Guardian and The Washington Post published on the seventh of June last leaked documents obtained from “Edward Snowden,” the contractor formerly with the National Security Agency, talks about the project “Prism” of the IAEA, which is a program for the collection of information intelligence services of get all the information owned by Internet companies (from the date of the talks, pictures, names and files sent, voice calls and video, etc.), and even user access times and he left immediately.

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