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HP made ​​the first version of its new phone under the name Brave

HP Android smartphone

HP Android smartphone

News reports revealed that the company HP finished making the first beta version of its first smart phone system Android.

HP  intends to  release name “Brave” – the brave – on its new smart phone, according to a report published by PhoneArena who leaked pictures of the phone claimed it was the first version produced by the company recently.

The report claimed that  HP Brave phone will have a 4.5-inch screen with a degree of resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels, Any lower resolution of accuracy Full HP resolution that characterizes most of the phones “upper class” made ​​this year.

He added that the phone works with a processor “Kowalkm” The new quad-core “Snapdragon 800” which speeds up to 2 GHz, in addition to the type of graphics processor Adreno 330, and random memory storage capacity of 2 GB.

The report pointed out that the phone will feature Rear Camera 14.5 megapixel front and another 2 megapixel, and the beta version running Android 4.2 is likely to be launched version 4.3 of the operating system being developed Android.

The report did not disclose any information about the launch date of the phone, but earlier reports indicated the proximity of the American company unveiled the first telephone system Android.

The “William Su yen”, director of personal computers and tablets with HP Asia and the Pacific, confirmed that his company had not yet delayed entering the smart phone market and has ideas to attract users to their phones, while placing on the market.

It is worth mentioning that the “Su yen” explained that the phone HP first system Android will have the “use a different experience,” but that the information shown on the new phone did not reveal the distinguished it from the rest of the smart phone operating the same system currently available on the market.


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