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Truecaller site has been hacked and penetrate database


Truecaller site has been hacked and penetrate database

Truecaller database and its official site have been hacked by a group of hackers calling themselves the “Syrian army-mail.”

Truecaller application stores names and phones numbers of millions of users of smart devices, which indicates that statistical application site that has more than 998 million phone users from around the world.

He announced “the Syrian army-mail” via his official account on  “Twitter” that he broke a number of databases belonging to the application server Truecaller addition to the official website of the application.

One of  “the Syrian army-mail” hackers pointed  in a statement to the ehackingnews Web site that the size of the information contained in the hacked databases about 450 GB divided on the 7 databases.

Commented, “the Syrian army-mail” to complete the process of penetration through his account, saying “Thank Truecaller we needed your databases”; hacker group known to those belonging to the regime of  Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Truecaller.com remained out of service for a period of time before returning to work without  any comments by its owners confirm or deny what he said Hackers “e-Syrian army.”

It is worth mentioning that “the Syrian army-mail” has over the past months hacked  important sites for famous media organizations and its accounts in social networks such as account “channel ITV British” on  “Twitter” and “Facebook”, and penetrating accounts belonging to the newspaper “Daily Telegraph” British and penetrate the site “Financial Times” and its account in the “Twitter”.

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