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What you do not know about free talks program Viber!


The application collects users data over two years, and Israel-founder

We all know the program of free calls and talks Viber, and unfortunately, a lot of us use Viber and greatly until it became a substitute for regular phone in all calls and own correspondence. But where it came from?

The number of users of the Viber program so far to more than 100 million users around the world, according to Wikipedia the  founder and owner of the Viber Media is “Talmon Marco” is an Israeli , and the company’s headquarters is in Cyprus. Many users know this information, and still using that program!

I have searched for Viber in Google Trends (Google service  and tells you things about popular titles in the world) and what I found is that the first 10 results for countries where the program spreads, 7 of which are Muslim countries or Muslim majority. And all in the Middle East …

Another Note is that the Viber is not a profitable company, they are offering a free service is 100% free of advertisements and there are no paid features. Imagine the cost paid by the company’s 100 million users around the world for two years yet! And with that, there is no source of profit! It must be funded by the company “with a specific goal” is willing to pay all these costs to get what he wants … is not it!?

To learn more about this dubious company i looked up the history of its founder and owner, “Talmon Marco” and here was a sudden … the founder of Viber had a previous projects of this program are:

  • iMesh: a program to share files on the Internet. I found that downloads the malicious programs and tools and spy on users’ computers !
  • Bandoo: Add to Facebook, also downloads spyware and malicious software!

But who is he!?

Talmon served for four years in the Israel Defense Forces and held the position
of CIO of the central command.He graduated Cum Laude from the Tel-Aviv University
with a degree in Computer Science and Management.

Now we know that we are dealing with an expert (or experts) spy par excellence, to promise a little bit to the program … program Viber on Android (and iPhone as well as I think) has permission to read all your contacts and messages and record your phone (even those that are not within the program) and has permission to see your location and your personal accounts and audio recording and image capture and video recording. it also has the authority to access all the files on your phone and read your settings, and even programs that use! Believe it or not ..

In my opinion, this is more than enough, the Viber is an Israeli spy program combines all the data about you, delete your subscription from the application, and then erase it from your computer and tell this to your friends . There are several alternatives such as Skype, Google Talk and others.

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