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Microsoft develops the automated control systems in homes


Microsot develops the automated control systems in homes

Often talked the science fiction stories about homes future which can be controlled remotely, and respond to the appliances with the wishes of the population and changes in the air or at home automatically e.g extinguish the lights with the closing of the door, or working air conditioning and TV with the entry of a people into the room, or are gardening in the absence of family members, and so on.

During the past years,check some of these predictions , some of the houses  used surveillance cameras and sensors, such as tools to control temperature and ventilation, which can follow the recordings and control via the Internet, and can these systems send alerts to users via custom applications for mobile or e-mail, but even now mostly used individually without the presence of an integrated system for control.

And the use of tools and automated control systems in homes investigates  some goals, the most important are the security, comfort and integration between different devices including saves on energy use, and may help in the future in providing care for the elderly and the sick.

As part of the research seeking to develop this area revealed “Microsoft” last week for a new platform as “Lab of Things”.The name is linked to the concept of “Internet of Things”, which refers to connect many of the elements and devices to the Internet. The new platform allows researchers to collect data about the automated control systems in homes.

The platform relies on the “Home or feed” or “HomeOS” launched by the company in 2010. And works as an operating system for automated control in homes to connect household appliances such as computers, smart phones, printers, television and lighting equipment, so that it works as supplements can be controlled via a computer and one called “Home Hub” .

Provided “Microsoft” the prototype of the “Home or feed” non-commercial to encourages researchers to study and development of control systems in home appliances. And tested by researchers from the company’s system of “Home or feed” in a number of houses, and has been used in many research including control devices via gestures and developing applications for smart phones for the automatic management of homes.

And provides the platform “Laboratory things”, which was revealed by the “Microsoft” during the fourteenth conference for research in Washington, best ways of collecting data that can be accessed through the service “Windows Azure” cloud and analyzed. It also allows  to developers to build applications that can run in the home. The company provided a beta version of the platform for download via its website.

During the conference explain Erjmand the Samuel, a researcher at the “Microsoft”, some of the benefits of the new platform, and said that the use will contribute to overcome several obstacles to run automated control devices in home, and will pay researchers to think of new uses and applications.

He added that previous attempts to build automated control systems in homes has been on a small scale, did not succeed in hold for long periods of time due to the mismatch between researchers on the one hand and volunteers who accept the experience of these devices in their homes, on the other hand.

Some studies expect  to be to automated control systems in homes  different uses beyond the scope of the house to reach an appropriate means to rationalize energy consumption, and medical institutions management , and operation of large buildings.

He spoke “Kamin Whitehouse”, a researcher at the University of Virginia, about his experience in the study of the use of home for electricity and water through automatic control at home, and adopted where the installation of sensors in several houses; including those watching the electricity and water consumption in order to follow the habits of the population and the pattern of their use of energy, which is help in finding suitable ways to saving fit with the system of life at home.

For his part, “Din Mohammad Ali”, from University College London, to the importance of the expansion of the field work platform “Laboratory things” to include the management and operation of buildings, such as medical facilities and care homes and sports clubs.

The following video explains the platform “Laboratory things”:

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