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Best sites to download free software


Best sites to download free software

Sometimes when we want to download software from the Internet, we choose among the sites, some of them do not find download links working and some of them when you download the program it will be corrupted or has some  viruses, and this is due to these sites that are not supported and are not holds the copyright and of course its illegal.


To protect ourselves, we have to download the programs that we want either of the official website of the program or from the following sites ,they are very safe and owns the copyright ,and of course the programs are legal as it is characterized by the quality of the links and be confident in these sites when you download from any of them.


CNET Download Site:


The most popular downloads site , in the home page of this site you will find the final versions of the famous programs,and these programs are not for Windows only(Windows – Mac – iOS – Android).


Softpedia Site:


Is the largest library of programs and drivers, If you do not find a driver of your computer is the best proof.


Softonic Site :


The largest library of programs and games If your phone from among these kinds you will find its the best(Android -BlackBerry – Windows Phone – iPhone ) , it also contains a special page with technical questions and disadvantages of programs if there is a problem you want to solve it.


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