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10 of the best new Android applications


Since I am using the system Android, I try to stay up to date on the best Android App new, and with the huge number of applications received by  Google Play, it s difficult to determine who is the best, and i brought some of the best Android App new from here and there, to introduce them to both me and you.

Here’s 10 of the best new Android applications and free:




Duolingo offers the possibility of learning several important languages ​​, which is Spanish, French, German, English,Portuguese, Italian, and it is completely free, which does not contain any annoying ads as well as free of charge, with supplied a nice way to learn.

Download link

2-Next Browser:



If you are looking for a new browser or always like to discover new applications, you should try it.

Download link




Application Taptalk arrived for Android in the trial version for private version IV, the application is known by providing possibilities for browsing great forums, and keep users in touch with their favorite forums all the time.

Download link




ArtFlow allows you to  unleash your talent to painting with the availability of more than 50 brush, and special drawing tools, allowing you to enjoy your time in creating drawings.

Download link

5-How to Make Origami



Of us forget those funny attempts failed  sometimes and successful sometimes in the formation those beautiful forms( planes and cubes …)? Application How to Make Origami simplifies it for you, and teach you how to simply create multiple beautiful paper forms.

Download link




Before you judge on the application, that application doesn’t belong to that series of  books or movies Twilight, the application provides a great benefit to health, where he works to filter out the impact of the spectrum – or color – blue on your phone or tablet after sunset, to protect your eyes with light red filter , where a recent study revealed that if we were in blue light before our sleep, may lead to the disruption of normal sleep pattern, what causes insomnia.so you should try this application.

Download link




Jiffy is one of those applications specifically designed to keep track of time, to be one of the important tools for users who are keen to keep track of their time, where the application is important for those who wish to learn how to organize their time.

Download link

8-Minimalistic Text




Minimalistic Text allows you the possibility of establishing a widgets text on the screen, with the advent of text based on your chosen widgets , such as the time, date, battery, weather.

Download link


9-NQ Mobile Easy Finder




NQ Mobile is renowned in several special applications security and privacy, has recently issued a special application to track the missing devices, the application is still in the experimental release, but it can track and locate stolen or lost device automatically.

it can also takes a photo for the thief, and make a backup copy of your data and your contacts.

Download link






Application Hider + is often appropriate to us, where the application provides a secret place where your files maintains the task of tampering.

Download link



These were 10 of the best new Android applications, of course, the system abounds with applications with different functions, and are difficult to be identified in a single blog post, if you’re wondering about the application of a specific task, I would be happy to help you in the search for it.


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