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Britain is seeking to block pornographic websites


Britain is seeking to block pornographic websites

Internet companies in Britain will block pornographic sites to all participants

British Prime Minister “David Cameron” today announced a new plan under which the British government is seeking to block pornographic sites on the Internet in Britain by default for all Internet subscribers, as part of a campaign to protect children from the harmful effects of these sites.

The plan is to withhold all pornographic websites by default for all lines of new Internet in Britain, starting from the beginning of next year, and users who want access to these sites have to talk with Internet service provider which the request will be made available, provided that this is done by the owner of subscription itself. While Internet service providers will connect to existing customers and ask them if they want to activate these sites.

The campaign targets in particular prosecute the illegal child pornography that promote sexual violence against children, as will Cameron meet in October with leading online search such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to find solutions to eliminate search phrases relating to sexual violence against children, and hinted Cameron to take legal action against companies that provide online search service in the event of failure to cooperate.

The new law criminalizes well as the acquisition of images that promote rape and sexual violence against women, lets take legal action against websites that publish such material.

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