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Canonical unveils Ubuntu Edge Phone Project


Canonical unveils Ubuntu Edge Phone Project

The phone works on Ubuntu and Android , the company seeks to collect $ 32 million for funding

Reveals Canonical developer of distribution Ubuntu, which is considered one of the most popular distributions of Linux open source,for its new project, which bears the name of Ubuntu EDGE , which is a phone that is running Ubuntu for smartphones, in addition to the Android system .

Phone Ubuntu EDGE is still a project Canonical is seeking to get funding through a campaign of collective funding through Indiegogo site.The company said who wants to support the project can pay $ 600 today, but starting tomorrow the amount will be $ 830, and will reach users in May/ 2014 as the company seeks to produce 40 thousand units.

Ubuntu EDGE features:

  • Is made of a single piece of polished metal.
  • 4.5-inch screen accurately 720p,and covered with a layer of glass protection shatter-resistant sapphire and scratching.
  • 4 GB of RAM with 128 GB of storage space.


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