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Earn money through Facebook


Earn money through Facebook

How long time you spend in the social network Facebook? I think it’s a very long time, according to some recent studies, where the average time allocated to browse Facebook 4 hours a day! Some do it especially in the school holidays to more than 10 hours per day … Time can be invested positively to collect some money and through the work of ads for some videos on your page or profile on Facebook.

Ebuzzing company is a great company that specializes in advertising and gathered many big companies where you get paid for publish advertising video or publishing articles, and sites owners can as well as Facebook pages publish video advertisements and collect some money. Since the topic of the day is to collect money through Facebook so i will focus in my explanation only to disseminate videos to social network Facebook and make money.

How to use Ebuzzing :

First go to the site Ebuzzing then click on the word CREAT AN ACCOUNT then you will be asked to enter your information, in the second step will be prompted to enter your site information or your Facebook page , after your registration, wait until Ebuzzing check your information, and a confirmation email will be mailed to you, after the activation of the account went to campagnes.


Look for advertising companies that want to deploy their videos but first note two important things , first the flag of the country for example if the flag is American flag, it means that the targeted visitors are only Americans ,means that the views will be counted only by Americans and if the flag is French flag, it means that living in France only will be accounted for their views, etc. … Secondly, the amount for each watch and you’ll find on the right which is the amount you will get for each view(per view)….

After selecting the ads click on it and click again on publier(publish) ,a link will be appeared  below the subject ,this is the video link which will be published on Facebook.

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