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“NVIDIA” launches the fastest graphics card in the world


Will provide the graphics card Quadro K6000″ advanced performance to workstations and custom devices to create graphics.

company “NVIDIA” unveiled a graphics card “Quadro K6000”, and that it would be the fastest and most powerful graphics card in the world.

the graphics card contain new processing unit graphics have been built according to the architectural “Kepler” includes 2880 core type of CUDA connected via bus  384-bit with access  random memory type of GDDR5 capacity of 12 GB, which provides data transfer rate up to 288 Gigabit per second, according to What the company said.

The card related to the motherboard via port “PCI Express 3.0“,which provides energy transfer rate of 225 watts , and supports the card the screen  display simultaneously across 4 ports for connecting screens are: port DVI-I, and port DVI-D, and 2 ports DisplayPort 1.2 View supports picture accurately 4K.

The company confirmed that it will be installing the new card, which is not detected priced within many workstations of the top manufacturers such as “HP” and “Dell” and “Lenovo“.


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