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Largest known Data Breach Scheme in U.S


Largest Data Breach Scheme in US

Hackers managed to steal about 160 million credit card which caused losses estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars.

Five Hackers have been indicted in USA for their involvement in what prosecutors are calling the largest known data breach scheme in U.S. history.

The defendants are charged with targeting and infiltrating the networks of major companies to steal more than 160 million credit card numbers resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in losses, New Jersey U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman announced today in partnership with the Secret Service and Justice Department. Among the list of companies targeted were Visa, NASDAQ, JC Penney, 7-Eleven, JetBlue, and Dow Jones.

It is expected that the defendants are judged on strict provisions of up to thirty years in prison, a more severe penalty for two counts of mail fraud and conspiracy to commit a crime of fraud.


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