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Microsoft launches a beta version of IE 11 on the system Windows 7

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this version of web browser is Targeting the developers.

Launched the Microsoft Thursday Developer beta version of the eleventh version of its web browser “Internet ExplorerIE11, aimed at working devices running Windows 7.

The company is seeking through this step, according to experts, to inform developers on their browser’s ability to run Web applications on different platforms, as well as to demonstrate the stability, enjoyed by the latest versions of their browser “Internet Explorer.”

And has Internet Explorer 11 Almost all the benefits that are characterized by the software version that came with version 8.1 of the system “Windows”, including the performance of improved explorer as a download faster for  web pages, in addition to the developer tools completely new, which appear when you click on the Help button F12.

Note that the company “Microsoft” had launched the “Internet Explorer 11” for the first time in June 26 last year during the Build Developers Conference in San Francisco, until now this version is  available only to system “Windows 8.1”

Microsoft also updates the site Modern.IE which provides developers a package of free tools that will help them to “spend more time on innovation and less on the experience,” as per Microsoft which indicated that these tools are somewhat different from those provided by your browser when you click on F12 .

It is worth mentioning that Modern.IE were previously provides to developers three tools only, but now provides them several enhancements, including the discount 25% on the tool Parallels Desktop 8 virtualiztion operating systems “Mac”, the site is a virtual machine that allows developers to test the browser IE11on a regular “Windows 8.1” and “Windows 7“.

System “Windows 7” users can download the new beta version of the browser from its own page, where there is “Internet Explorer 11” system “Windows 7” in many languages.



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