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Google updates the chat application “Google Hangouts”


The new update brings many advantages, most notably a new set of emoticons

The company Google  issues a new update 1.1 of its own chat application Google Hangouts, brings with it many advantages and improvements as per Google.

The update brings is a new set of emoticons diverse, where it was added to the wide range available basis of these codes in the application.

In addition, Google said,  it improved the speed and performance of the application significantly, and added some simple improvements on the interface, such as Preview Image greater for “YouTube” videos links, was also fixed some bugs and small problems it was suffering on the previous version of the application.

Note that Google was declared on May 15 / May during a developers conference last annual Google I / O 2013 the launch of the chat consolidated platform “Google Hangouts“, and reviewed the new application and its advantages.

Android system users can update their application or download the new version of the store Google Play note that its size 10 MB in size, and requires the presence of version 2.3 and above of the system.


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