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Report: “Lenovo” computers involving security flaws difficult to detect


News report revealed that the computers Lenovo includes “Background doors” to  allows unknown destinations to access to remote users computers without their permission.

The report of the magazine “Australian financial review” explained that Australian computers “Lenovo” banned from use in Australian and British bodies that do business under the heading of “confidentiality”.

The report pointed out that the British and Australian authorities relied on the results of tests undergone the Chinese company computers , and which explained  that those devices includes “Background doors” that make them vulnerable to penetration.

Lenovo denied the existence of any security risks in its computers, also denied knowledge of the existence of banned from Australian and British bodies for its computers.

The Chinese company said in a statement highlighted by the Australian magazine “our devices are tested to be safe and reliable for our customer , and we always welcome the notify us any security threats that may be contained in our devices to treat.”

The laboratories and the British intelligence agency computers test, “Lenovo”, tests which adopted by the British and Australian bodies that its work classified as “secret” to take the decision to ban the use of computers of the Chinese company.

The “Lenovo” is one of the leading manufacturers of computers in the world in recent years, and this year succeeded in ascend the throne of manufacturers of computers for the first time in front of the first rival “HP” of America.


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