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Research proves the possibility of penetrating a car and controlled by a laptop computer


The researchers succeeded in steering the vehicle and display unreal information on the screen while the presence of another driver

Recently researchers revealed in information security for their successes in penetrating the electronic control systems and control in a car while he was driving another driver through a normal laptop.

They succeeded the researchers, “Charlie Miller” and “Chris Falasik”, to penetrate a car of model  2010 “Ford Escape” and “Toyota Prius”, so by connecting a laptop via wire unit electronic control in the car or “ECU” through devices diagnose malfunctions cars or”DBO”. Most of the cars include modern electronic controllers which act as small computers specializes in several functions including temperature control, security, and acceleration and display screens, brakes and alarm.

The researchers were able to write code and send it to the existing computer network in the car, which deal with the electronic system normally and the car responded to the instructions sent without regard to the source of the command or the implementation of the instructions issued by the driver found inside.

During the experiment enables researchers to control the vehicle during its movement and the presence of a driver inside the car , and they succeed in channeled to the right and left, and operation the brakes.

The experiment was based on a previous study conducted by researchers from the Universities of “Washington” and “San Diego” in 2010, and invented the tool “Car shark” that can control the car remotely. And said Chris , one of the researchers working in the company “A or Active” for computer security services, this experiment aimed at detecting the extent to which can be achieved by trying to penetrate the car.

With regard to companies producing cars, has seen some of them that what happened is not a breakthrough because of its need for special equipment to connect and it is difficult to hide, and therefore does not constitute a danger to the public.

The researchers pointed to the difficulty of the experiment, and confessed that it took several attempts and destroy several cars through improved the penetration technology , Falasik said he did not dare to do the same experiment in his own car. On his part, said Charlie Miller, a security engineer at the site “Twitter”: “It is expensive and very difficult to conduct research shows that you can hacking a car.

The following video shows the experience of researchers to penetrate and control the car:

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