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Report: Samsung plans to launch “Galaxy Note 3” in three sizes



According to recent reports, Samsung has tested several different screen measurements for the third generation of its Galaxy Note, may end up the company to launch three phone models have different sizes according to the measurement of the screen.

another report comes to confirm such reports, which confirms the document leaked from one of the logistics companies that deal with Samsung in India, said that the company plans to ship three models of phone “Galaxy Note 3” sizes different screen are: 5.5, 5.7 and 5.99 inches.

This document has been justify discrepancies in previous reports on the measurement of the third generation of screen “Knott Galaxy” where they were talking about the measurements mentioned in previous reports and leaks seemed contradictory. While other reports indicated that Samsung will be used in the phone for the first time its new screen flexible and non-breakable , also spoke of other information about owning a device to read the fingerprint technology.


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