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Thomson Reuters Official Twitter Account Hacked


The hackers from Syrian Electronic Army have hacked the official Twitter account of New York based multinational media and information firm Thomson Reuters Corporation.

After getting access of Reuters’s Twitter account, hackers started tweeting images and messages expressing their show of power which can be seen in above given screenshot.

Hackers known for their hardcore support for Syrian President Bashar-Ul-Assad from Syrian Electronic Army announced the hack on their official website along with a screenshot showing the hackers have access to the Reuters’s Twitter handle.

On their website, the hackers explained why the Twitter account was targeted and what happened when they got access of media giant Twitter handle:

The Syrian Electronic Army was here, we hacked today the official account of Thomson Reuters and published some truthabout what is really happening in Syria! 

However, the Twitter authorities suspended the Thomson Reuters’s twitter account within one hour of hack and at the time of publishing this article, the account was restored yet unclear if it has been under control of it’s real owners or not.

This is not the first time when Syrian Electronic Army has hacked Twitter account of big fish media giant, in past official twitter accounts of UK based The Telegraph News, ITV News London, Financial Times, twitter account of The Onion Satirical Newspaper, E!Online, 11 account of Guardian Newspaper, The Associated Press,CBS, BBC Network, German Broadcaster Deutsche Welle’s (DW) Twitter, Human Rights Watch, France 24 Arabia and France 24 Observers, Qatar Foundation’s Twitter, AFP Photo and Sky News Arabia were hacked and used by the hackers.

I wonder how can they do it with all these accounts,that means there is no any kind of security measure to user account.


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