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U.S. plans to deploy the spy files of “Prism” program


Agency seeks to publish more details after the scandal spy on Internet users

The U.S. National Security Agency Plans to declassify the documents related to the program of spying on Internet users “Prism“, which had aroused a great deal of hype when “Edward Snowden” former contractor with the agency leaked part of them in July.

It is expected that the documents will be posted within this week, according to the Reuters news agency . And the publication of documents intended to provide the public with more information about the program, and after the announcement of the Director of the agency, “James Clapper,” his organization’s commitment to greater transparency about its work.

The newspapers The Guardian, The Washington Post published on the seventh of June last leaked documents obtained from “Edward Snowden,” talking about the “Prism” , which is a program for the collection of information intelligence services to obtain all the information owned by Internet companies(from the date of the talks, pictures, names and files sent, voice calls and video, etc.), and even user access times.

Some of leaked documents have revealed that the program “Prism” does not include spying on Internet users in the United States only, but extends to spying on e-Government and organizations in a number of countries around the world, including offices of the United Nations.

It is noteworthy that Snowden is currently stuck in an airport in Russia waiting for receiving asylum to one of the countries that will not extradite to the United States, which has been charged with espionage and dealing with foreign bodies.

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