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“Asus” reveal the desktop computer dedicated for Games



The Taiwan company “Asus” revealed its new desktop “ROG Tytan G70” dedicated to Games, which features the same external structure transformed for computer “Tytan CG8890” launched by “Asus” last year, in addition to the basic features of the computer “ROG Tytan G30s” revealed by the “Asus” last June.

The computer new feature is “Turbo Gear”, which allows the augmentation of processor frequency to operate full performance when necessary. Where the user can through pressed on a special button to raise the processor frequency from 3.7 GHz to 3.9 or 4.1 GHz, in addition to cooling fans appear automatically of the device when the button is pressed.

Computer features:

  1. RAM type DDR3 of 4 GB can be expanded up to 32 GB.
  2.  Intel “Core i7-4770K” processor .
  3. Graphics Card “GeForce GTX780” from NVIDIA, which enjoys a random access memory of type GDDR5 size 3 GB supports the pictures display across 4 exits, and a storage capacity of up to 15 terabytes.

Did not reveal “Asus” about the price of the device, but confirmed that it will be available for sale in the market soon.


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