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Samsung register Galaxy Gear brand for its smartwatch


Samsung” made a request of the Office of Patents and U.S. trademarks  to get Galaxy Gear trademark rights , which is expected to be the name of the smartwatch that the South Korean company will produce.

The request that “Samsung” made for the brand has been revealed, where the company said  through this request that the name of Galaxy Gear will launch on devices can be worn around the wrist in reference to its awaited smartwatch.

It added, “Samsung” in its request for the Galaxy Gear brand, that those devices will be able to access the Internet and send and receive phone calls, text messages and e-mail messages and personal information management for smart devices.

That request comes shortly after the South Korean company send an experimental model for its smartwatch for the company’s branch in Germany for testing purposes and to make suggestions for improvement.

It is expected that The branch “Samsung” in Germany will detect model smartwatch over the next IFA Gallery in Berlin, which is one of the most prominent technical exhibitions that take place annually.

The South Korean company intends to disclose the phone “Galaxy Note 3” tablet PC on the sidelines of the exhibition German, specifically on Sept. 4, and it seems that the “Samsung” intends to be its smartwatch Galaxy Gear second surprise in the exhibition.

It is worth mentioning that other technology companies, such as “Google” and “Apple” and “Sony” plans to produce their own smartwatch where dominates this market , “Microsoft“, which recently launched the second generation of its smartwatch.


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