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Free up space on your SSD or hard drive

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Folder Size Software Link:
I can’t tell you exactly what to remove; that’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself. All I can do is suggest some techniques and free tools that can make the job I suggest the”Finding the biggest waste” technique and “Folder Size” as a free software


Facebook invite all

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Code from here:
Today i will show you how to invite your facebook friends to like a page all at once!
to invite friends to like your page, make sure you’re using facebook as yourself and not as the page.

1 min security-Avoid that cyberflash

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It is about :
Another Android hole:
1- “OCtoRuTA” – One (Java) Class to Rule Them All
2-Adobe and PageFair claim ad blockers will cost business $22 billion in 2015
3-How not to be “cyberflashed” on your iPhone.

What is difference between Java and JavaScript programming language?

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Java Prorgram Examples

TL;DR, Java and JavaScript are as different as Car and Capet. Java and JavaScript are two totally unrelated programming language, all they have in common is the word “Java”. JavaScript was originally designed as scripting language to make your HTML live and aptly named as LiveScript initially. I am sure internet and programming world would have been less confused had NetScape has not renamed it to JavaScript, just to cash in popularity of Java.

BTW, Today is totally different, JavaScript is as popular as Java and dominant client side scripting world and now starting gaining market share on server side programming with node.js, where Java has ruled for so many years.

Read more  10 difference between Java and JavaScript for Programmers.

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Remove spaces within string value – jquery/Javascript

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Muhammad Hassan

String.prototype.removeSpaces = function () {
        if (this != null && this != "" && this != undefined)
            return this.replace(/s+/g, '');
        return this;

var str = "string value";
str = str.removeSpaces();

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How to delete the autocad Viruses

19/03/2015 2 comments

The acad virus it is a virus that try to load itself and disable some features(acceleration…) when autocad starts ,so your autocad file will be so slow .then this is How to delete the autocad Viruses(acad.fas,acad.mnl.acad.lsp…)

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surfaceMicrosoft admits Surface RT naming caused ‘some confusion’

In the days leading up to the Surface RT release last year, Microsoft had largely failed to explain the differences between…The Verge read_more (1)

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