Here are the best manufacturers of desktop and laptop computers before buying a computer

I wanted to share with you the best computers in terms of quality, I mean the quality of technology , which is the quality of the materials used.Of course, through this post I don’t assert you 100% that the device which you will buy will not hang, because the technical defects is very likely, but according to my modest experience , this is an ordinal in terms of quality in manufacturing:









I think that all of you knows that it is one of the best manufacturers of computers, this kind of companies doesn’t have computers with normal settings, I mean medium Ram and screen graphics, most of its computers with settings may exceed a thousand and two thousand dollars, because its extraordinary settings and its orientation which take on mind that it produces computers for addicted to games,that is why these computers are expensive and not affordable to everyone.




Lenovo-ThinkPad-X1-Carbon-Touch-ImagesSecond choice is Lenovo, I assert it is one of the best companies that dealt with ,When we mention Lenovo , we remind IBM which is the largest company in the production of computers also a leader in its field. Thus, IBM has become more specialized in servers field . Lenovo computers in one sentence characterized by the ability to endure.












One of the respectable Companies, offers several solutions and settings you can choose those most suited to your pocket, computers DELL features as well as the quality of manufacturing, may not assert that it will be hang but this is the question, known for products DELL it is strong as well and in very few times when infect malfunction in terms of hardware.






sumsung-imageDrawback is the screen,its computers screen is easy to break down, and this is what maligned it on their computers, so for the rest of the pieces they don’t have many technical problems.









This was according to my experience, may you have a different opinion or may agreed with me in some points, please feel free to leave a fingerprint on this topic.

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