Remove spaces within string value – jquery/Javascript

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Muhammad Hassan

String.prototype.removeSpaces = function () {
        if (this != null && this != "" && this != undefined)
            return this.replace(/s+/g, '');
        return this;

var str = "string value";
str = str.removeSpaces();

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Free up space on your SSD or hard drive

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Folder Size Software Link:
I can’t tell you exactly what to remove; that’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself. All I can do is suggest some techniques and free tools that can make the job I suggest the”Finding the biggest waste” technique and “Folder Size” as a free software.

How to delete the autocad Viruses

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The acad virus it is a virus that try to load itself and disable some features(acceleration…) when autocad starts ,so your autocad file will be so slow .then this is How to delete the autocad Viruses(acad.fas,acad.mnl.acad.lsp…)

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surfaceMicrosoft admits Surface RT naming caused ‘some confusion’

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HowToKingoRootWinProgram to “root” your galaxy S4 or any android phone

Now “Galaxy S4” users specifically and most Android devices can generally get help by “Kingo” ,it is a free program which can “Root” most Android devices…Th3Wall read_more (1)

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bread-url-shortener-logoYahoo Acquires Bread, Will Shut Down The URL Shortener That Earned You Money

Yahoo has just acquired Bread, a 2.5 year old startup that had raised $3.5 million [Update: and we hear was low on cash and…TechCrunch read_more (1)

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blue-screenThe Comical Irony That iOS 7 Users Are Suffering From Blue Screens Of Death

So Windows sometimes does this thing when your computer freaks the heck out,displays a …TechCrunch read_more (1)

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